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Your First Visit

If your new to Chiropractic, or simply new to this office, you might be wondering "what can I expect on my first visit?" Lets go through this step by step.

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Upon entering the office you will be greeted by our friendly and caring staff. You will then be asked for your picture ID and insurance card. Once copied, the staff will hand you a clip board with the necessary paper work to fill out in order to properly establish you as a patient in our office. (By the way, if you will click on the following link, it will take you to the "New Patient Forms" section of our web site where you can then download, print and fill out the forms prior to your first vist, saving you a little time spent in our office.) Once all the necessary paper work is filled out and processed, and your insurance benefits have been verified and discussed with you, our staff will bring you to an examination room ......

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In the examination room, you will first have a consultation with the Dr. Garber to discuss the details of your case. Then the Dr. Garber will examine the necessary areas of your spine in order to determine the nature of your problem. The examination will consist of a combination of Medical and Chiropractic examination procedures designed to uncover the underlying cause and nature of your complaint. Tests might include checking your blood pressure, your reflexes, your range of movement in the back or neck, checking for pain and tenderness in the area of your complaint and gently moving you around in different postures and positions to see exactly what effect it has on the pain which clues Dr. Garber in to the cause of your problem. After your examination has been completed, and if necessary, x-rays will be taken of the area of your pain.

reflexes leg-exam adjustment

X-rays are only taken when the examination indicates that they are necessary to properly diagnose your condition.  X-rays are also taken if the doctor is suspicious of pre-existing conditions that would be contraindicated to treat with Chiropractic care such as fractures, infections, tumors, cancers and other conditons that require specialty medical care. At times, x-rays are taken to serve as a 'Blue Print" so the doctor can determine the exact alignment or misalignment of your spine, enabling him to determine a course of corrective action. "To see is to know", and at times the examination allows the doctor to see what he needs to in order to treat your case, however at times the examination is not enough and in these instances x-rays will be recommended. At Garber Chiropractic we have the convenience of our own on-site x-ray unit if they are needed in your case.

x-ray01 x-ray2 x-ray 800x

After your consultation, examination and x-rays have been completed, if your condition requires immediate treatment, the doctor will do everything he can to help you. An adjustment and possibly some physical therapy will be given to start the healing process.

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 If your condition does not require immediate treatment, the doctor will have you come back in a day or two, giving him time to study your case by reviewing your examination and/or x-ray findings. Upon your return to the office, you will be given a comprehensive report by the doctor concerning the cause of your problem, whether it can be helped through Chiropractic care, how long it will take till you are better and the approximate cost for your care. You will be given the opportunity to ask the doctor any questions you have concerning your case, his findings or his recommendations. Treatment will begin, starting you on the road to recovery of your health problem.

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If you, or a loved one, are experiencing pain contact our office to schedule a free NO obligation consultation with the doctor or email Dr. Garber with a question concerning your case for a quick response. Garber Chiropractic Care Center 770-386-7707
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